Harajuku Beauty Waiting at a Pedestrian Crossing

Harajuku beauty waiting at the pedestrian crossing

Harajuku Beauty Waiting at a Pedestrian Crossing

During a visit to Japan I spent a morning in Harajuku, the — probably still — hip and fashionable place to be, at least when you are under 25. There are tons of characters walking around the street with the most astonishing hairstyle, clothes or outfit. One of those characters was the girl in the picture standing at a pedestrian crossing, waiting to cross the street, looking at her mobile phone.

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Blue Bridal Shoes

Blue Bridal Shoes

Light Blue Bridal Shoes

At the end of a wedding, the bride has removed her shoes and left them on the wooden floor of the restaurant where the reception was taking place. The elegant blue of the shoes contrasts lovely with the somewhat rough, almost rustic brown floor.

The shoes also tell a story of the wedding, of a day full of elegance, beauty and festivity. A day which is the culmination of weeks of planning, full of the stress of all the preparations that went into it. This day is now over, the formal ceremony has passed. The reception was a success. Now that most guests have left and only the closest friends and family hold out, everybody can relax. So the bride unwinds, takes off her shoes and sets them down, almost carelessly on the floor and puts up her feet on a chair and reclines.

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