View from 52nd floor the New York Bar of the Tokyo Park Hyatt.

View from the Park Hyatt Hotel bar in Tokyo

View from the Park Hyatt Hotel bar in Tokyo. This picture is hosted on Flickr

The Park Hyatt Hotel bar has been of course been made world famous by Sofia Coppola’s movie Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. The picture above was taken in 2013 during my last visit to Japan and visiting the bar was a must when staying in Shinjuku with my wife.

In December I will revisit Japan, this time with the whole family and with a more expanded view, visiting not only Tokyo, but also Hiroshima and Kyoto. I am really exited and am looking forward to a new adventure.

The flights have been booked, the basic itineraries have been planned, so now the details have to be fleshed out. But the places which I will visit will certainly include Hiroshima, Kyoto, probably Nara and Tokyo.