A Small Ferry crossing the Geneva habour

A small passenger ferry in the Geneva habour.

A small passenger boat crossing the Geneva harbour

Geneva is situated on both sides of Lake Geneva, where the lake flows back into the river Rhône. Four ferry services conveniently connect the left and the right1 bank of the city and allow to cross a large part of the town without having to go around the lake. These little ferry boats, which are for passengers only, are called Mouettes and have a distinctive yellow colour making them visible from far away. Contrasted against the blue of the lake, the Mouettes stand out intensifying their golden colour.

The golden light of the setting sun enhances the yellow, and the blue of the lake intensifies the yellow of the boats even more with a perfect complementary colour contrast.

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  1. The left and right bank are defined by the direction of the river Rhône flowing through the lake. Since the Rhône flows from east to west the left bank is on the north side.