The blog takes a reference to the children’s TV show Ben and Holly’s little kingdom. If you have small kids, I am sure you have already seen it. If not, it’s time to go and watch the show. In this show, the main characters are fairies and elves living in a small kingdom well hidden from humans. While fairies like to use magic to get things done easily, elves detest magic and prefer to do things without using supernatural powers. When they encounter problems, they will frequently reply “Elves are good at …”. “And I’m an elf”.

So this site has tow aspects. One is about solving problems without magic. It includes longer pieces and workflows and small snippets often found on the web collected in one place.

The second aspect of this blog is to be a companion to my Instagram presence @andimanelf. What I intend to do is to explain the backstory of the pictures I publish on Instagram. The extra space, allows me to show different versions of the photos posted giving more information and explain the circumstances of how they were created. While the square format of Instagram is often compelling, it does not always do the image justice, and other non-square versions will tell a different story or give a different emphasis.

While I hope that the photos speak for them selfs and while I also hope that they are pleasing in itself, I do hope that this little bit of extra might entertain and be instructive at the same time.

I can be reached on Twitter @_imanelf